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Scott bikes for sale

It all started over 50 years ago. At that time, it was still ski poles that the American company made its living with. Today, Scott Sports is a globally successful sports brand that, in addition to the bicycle sector, also supplies the sports of skiing, snowboarding, running & outdoor as well as motorsport with high-quality products.

In 1978 the company expanded into Europe and set up headquarters in Freiburg, Switzerland, and eight years later they set out to conquer the cycling world. The first Scott bike was a mountain bike and was introduced in 1986. Three years later, an innovative new product for racing bikes came with the aero handlebars. The handlebars were immediately used by Greg Lemond at the Tour de France and promptly helped the American to overall victory.

The success made the manufacturer work even harder on its developments so that many more innovations and records followed. The result: high-quality bicycle-related products, all available in the Jaxban online shop. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

Important milestones from Scott

  • 1991: Unishock suspension (first suspension fork)
  • 1995: Endorphin – the first MTB made of carbon
  • 1998: G-Zero: The lightest carbon fully at the time
  • 2001: Team Issue: The first bike frame under 1 kg
  • 2003: Genius with a new damper concept

Above all, the topic of lightweight construction has always been an important topic at Scott Bikes, and the company’s engineers with American roots broke records with their developments almost year after year. The Plasma triathlon bike with Scott CR1 Carbon technology was the lightest triathlon bike in 2005 at 980 grams, while in 2011 the hardtail Scale had the lightest series production frame for a mountain bike at less than 899 grams. Weight records were broken again in 2017 with the introduction of the new Spark. The Swiss also equipped the UCI WorldTour team Mitchelton-Scott and the Pro Continental team IAM Cycling with the best racing bikes.

A large variety of models from Scott Bikes

Mountain bikes

Scott mountain bikes for sale online

With his history as a mountain bike professional, Scott offers his greatest offering to MTB fans. A total of four model series with carbon frames are in the range and show how intensively the Swiss company focuses on lightweight construction. The Scale, for example, is one of the lightest hardtails in its class and combines maximum efficiency with minimum weight.

The full-suspension Scott bikes are also among the lightweights in their class, such as the Spark and the Trail-Fully Genius. The latter is also available in a so-called Long Travel version with a higher suspension travel in order to be ideally equipped for downhill-heavy enduro races. The Spark, on the other hand, was a real racer and, with its high drive efficiency and aggressive geometry, helped the XC professional Nino Schurter to numerous World Cup victories and the Olympic gold medal.

For the very rough terrain, Scott has the Gambler in his luggage, a true downhill weapon with a robust frame and immense suspension travel of up to 210mm. If you prefer to be out in the bike park and are looking for fun on fun trails, the Voltage Freeride is the right choice, while dirt jumpers prefer the Voltage YZ. And if you are looking for a device for really difficult terrain, a fat bike from the Big Jon series is ideal. 4.8″ wide tires allow it to plow through snow, sand or the deepest mud without any problems. The trail bikes with Plus tires also have wider tires. The 27.5+ models use 2.8″ wide tires for even more grip Terrain and make cross-country machines like the Scale and the Spark real trail weapons.

Beginners will find the Aspect the perfect companion for their first MTB kilometers. The sporty bike is an all-rounder hardtail that is characterized by lightness, efficiency, and a good price-performance ratio. If you want to ride your first kilometers on a mountain bike, this affordable Scott bike is the perfect choice.

Road bikes & cyclocross

Scott bikes

Anyone who prefers to travel on the road and is looking for lightning-fast racing bikes can also look forward to a large selection. The ultralight Addict is an absolute crowd-pleaser among racing cyclists and finds itself in good company alongside the Solace, Foil, and Cr1 models. The extremely light bike relies on Scott’s highly developed carbon fibers, which are available in different quality levels and produce frames that are even stiffer and lighter than regular materials. Top components from manufacturers such as SRAM and Shimano are of course standard on such premium bicycles and ensure high reliability and maximum performance. Scott also strives to provide maximum variety when it comes to racing bikes in order to meet the needs of every biker.

In addition to the classic racing bikes, the Foil is also a model designed for aerodynamics for sprinters who mainly ride on flat terrain and want to achieve maximum speed on the home straight. Here too, Scott shows his expertise in lightweight construction and the premium version weighs 6.7 kilograms.

The Solace, on the other hand, is perfect for long distances – high comfort, a flexible frame, and direct handling ensure smooth running and pleasant hours in the saddle. For beginners and recreational cyclists, there are also numerous options for relaxing after-work rides on the asphalt with the comfortable Speedster and numerous aluminum variants of the professional frame.

On the other hand, if you want to take a detour off-road, you will find plenty of friends with the CX models of the Addict or Speedster. The CX stands for cyclocross bikes and describes bikes that can achieve the best times on both the road and off-road thanks to a modified frame and wider tires.

For more reliability, Scott Bikes only relies on reliable disc brakes in this area. Similar to the CX models are the popular gravel bikes, which in comparison focus more on comfort. The wheelbase is longer, the geometry is a little more relaxed, the seating position is more upright and the gear ratio is larger.

Trekking bikes, cross bikes, and city bikes

The trekking bikes and urban bikes show that Scott bikes are not always designed for performance. The focus here is on driving comfort, functional equipment, and a dynamic look. The Sub model series acts as an all-rounder and is available in various subcategories, which, depending on their characteristics, are more suitable for long tours or quick trips through the city.

If you are looking for an all-rounder that can make good progress both on field paths and in the hustle and bustle of the city, the cross-bike variant is the perfect all-rounder bike. The Sub Evois, on the other hand, a functional city car that is characterized by functional design and a quiet driving experience. The Sport version is somewhere between Cross and Evo and is therefore perfect as a trekking bike for tours and daily errands in the city. If you wish, you can also get the sub-models with electronic support, see E-Bikes.


Scott’s e-bikes are very trendy. With powerful motor support, you can get from A to B much faster and with less effort. Even longer tours, even more, relaxed rides through city traffic, and even more speed when going uphill – you can find all of this in the electric bike range that specializes in the areas of e-city, e-trekking, and e-mountain bike. The Scott bikes with e-power rely on Bosch drive technology and particularly robust frames and components to support the additional weight and offer the rider stable riding behavior and sufficient safety.

As a sporty brand, the e-mountain bikes in particular are a real eye-catcher and shine with excellent performance, whether on the road or trail. With numerous models such as the E-Spark, E-Scale, and E-Genius, no mountain is too steep and no tour is too far. In the latest models, the battery is completely integrated into the frame and ensures a successful, round overall picture.

Children’s bicycles

When it comes to children’s bikes, the company places its first priority on safety and easy handling, which makes models like the Voltage ideal for the first few kilometers on the bike. Ambitious children are equipped with advanced technology like adult bicycles.

The fast Speedster Junior provides young racing cyclists with an excellent training device that also ensures the fun of cycling is not neglected. Anyone who knows the advantages of a Scott bike is in the best hands-on Jaxban and will find the largest selection at the best prices.

Contessa bicycles for women

The Scott family also thinks about the female gender. The suffix Contessa hides models specifically for women, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

In addition to the striking coloring of the frame, the Contessa wheels are equipped with special components at the contact points between the bike and the rider that are particularly comfortable for the female body.

The Scott highlights in 2019

Scott made a lot of progress in 2019, especially with his e-bikes. The categories were thrown into a pot, stirred, and rearranged. This resulted in a new product line that brings together all e-mountain bikes. From 2019 you will find it under the name eRide. In addition to well-known representatives such as the eRIDE Spark, there are also a few completely new creations such as the eRIDE Aspect. But a classic has also been reissued, Ransom is back.

But let’s start with good news for women racing cyclists: there is a new women’s racing bike with the Contessa Addict RC Disc. The speed-oriented features and the super light and stiff frame with its aggressive, long stance are the same as the men’s model. However, the stylish look, handlebars, and saddle are specific for women and make the bike not only a piece of sports equipment with competition properties but also a real eye-catcher.

The Fully Ransom mountain bike is back in 2019 after having had a worthy successor with the Genius for a few years. Now the iconic brand name has been dug up again, the bike has been given a modernized geometry, a set of components that is really impressive, and also a wide selection in terms of models and price ranges.

Pedelecs has been restructured. As part of the changes, a few brand-new creations have been added to the eRIDE family. Above all, the eRIDE Strike will be extremely popular on longer tours thanks to its composition designed for riding comfort. But it is also a reliable friend on detours into difficult terrain, because despite all the comfort, propulsion and balanced handling were also taken into account.

If you want to remain flexible when it comes to cycling, we recommend the jack-of-all-trades Scott eRIDE Axis. Terrain, city, commuting, touring…there’s actually nothing this e-bike can’t do, which is why we had a hard time categorizing it. The excellent suspension ensures buttery-smooth, stable driving behavior in the city as well as off-road. The more upright posture benefits you in traffic and on tours. The Shimano drive provides sensitive and linear support for stress-free progress.

Other current models from Scott

At Scott, there is never a year when development comes to a standstill, not even for the 2018 model year. Scott has improved numerous bikes and equipped them with new innovations, both in e-bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, and in the urban sector. At this point, we will give you a brief overview of the innovations.

Let’s start with the mountain bikes and the brand-new Scott Genius. After the Spark got its big update last year, in 2018 it was the turn of the Genius. The noble all-mountain is lighter and more aggressive, and some features of the Spark are also adopted.

On the one hand, the response of the new inverted damper with trunnion mount was refined and a spring characteristic was created that ranges from sensitive to linear to progressive and is therefore suitable for both demanding trails and faster passages. The highlight of the 2018 model, however, is the weight: the frame including the shock weighs just 2249 grams!

All improvements have also been transferred to the E-Genius e -mountain bikeThe Shimano Steps E-8000 motor and battery have been integrated so inconspicuously into the frame that the difference is only noticeable at second glance. The E-Genius can also be driven in 27.5 and 29 inches thanks to the adjustable geometry. There was also a new E-Scale and E-Aspect in 2018, the latter initially in the AT equipment variant, which most likely stands for All Terrain.

The foil was launched with disc brakes for the first time in 2018. The developers focused on improved aerodynamics and a minimal weight difference compared to the non-disc model. Anyone who would like to use their bike more in everyday life and as a fitness device can also benefit from the revival of the Scott Metrix since 2018be happy.

With a new carbon frame and intelligent features, the fitness bike has been tuned to be more sporty, features such as internal cable routing (also in the fork), flat bar handlebars and 32mm tires also demonstrate high value and quality.

Get your Scott bike online now

In addition to the right bike, Scott also fulfills your wish for the right equipment. The brand also offers helmets, shoes, backpacks, and everything else you need for your next tour.

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