Cube Axial WS Bikes for sale Online Cheap

Cube Axial WS Bikes for sale



  • Full-fledged road bike
  • Depending on the model, it is ideal for beginners or ambitious racing drivers
  • Women’s specific geometry

In recent years, the road bike market has diversified considerably. While a few years ago it was said that a road bike had to be light and stiff and have an aggressive geometry, today we are a good deal further.

There are now very different types of road bikes on the market: from classic road racing bikes to “endurance bikes”, gravel racers and cyclocrossers. With the Cube Axial WS, Cube offers road bikes with a geometry specifically adapted to the (average) female anatomy – the abbreviation WS stands for “Women Series”.

These bikes are characterized, among other things, by a slightly shorter top tube compared to the “men’s bikes”, which is used with the aim of doing justice to the women’s upper body, which tends to be shorter.

Thanks to new materials, especially carbon, it is now possible to build frames that have high rigidity in the right places and in the right direction, but are flexible in other places and can thus absorb shocks.

On the Cube Axial WS, the seat stays and fork have been designed to cushion bumps. This provides additional comfort and prevents driver fatigue.


In summary:

  • Models for all needs and budgets
  • Attractive appearance
  • Internally routed shift cables
  • Available with disc brake
  • WS – Woman Like Series: Women-specific geometry

As already mentioned, Cube introduces the Axial WLS, a series of road bikes aimed at cyclists with a wide variety of demands. While the basic model is available for less than €800 and is primarily aimed at beginners in the world of road bikes, the top model, Axial WS C:62, is equipped with a carbon frame and the highest quality components.

The target group of these high-end racers are ambitious female racers. For example, professional triathlete Nicole Leder uses these bikes!

During the development of the Axial WS, Cube placed great emphasis on delivering an attractive look in all price ranges in which the bike is offered. This is reflected in the appealing colour scheme. An important detail continues to be the trains laid in the frame. These can be found on every model of the series and, in addition to a tidy look, ensure protection of the trains!

Another highlight of the Axial WS series are the disc-braked models! The introduction of disc brakes on road bikes was initially hesitant. But now it’s picking up speed! Anyone who has ever driven a disc racer can understand this. With good modulation and high braking power in all situations, disc brakes are also convincing on road bikes!


In the Cube Axial WS series you will find three fundamentally different wheels:
The Axial WS with aluminium frame and carbon fork is the cheapest bike in the series. The base model is available in three versions:

  • Axial WS: a high-quality entry-level bike with reliable components and an attractive appearance
  • Axial WS Pro Disc: Bright looks, proven components and disc brakes, a price-performance hit!
  • Axial WS Race: This is where it gets sporty! The aluminium frame is completed by the lightweight, reliable components of the Shimano 105 group.

The wheels, designated Axial WS GTC, feature a high-quality, lightweight carbon frame and slightly higher-quality components than the base model.

  • Axial WS GTC Pro: The lightweight carbon frame uses shifting components from the legendary Shimano 105 group! You can hardly build a road bike more reliably.
  • Axial WS GTC SL Disc: A contemporary carbon racer with high-quality Shimano Ultegra disc brakes and shifting components, plus Fulcrum wheels with a slightly higher profile – a woman can hardly cycle more beautifully!

After all, the Axial WS C:62 SL Disc is the top model in the series! Made entirely of carbon and equipped with the highest quality components, Cube sends the top model of its road bikes developed for women into the race. With Shimano Ultegra components and DT Swiss wheels, the bike holds its own against the competition!