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Cube Bikes For Sale Online

Cube bikes for sale online

Cube Bikes is a German bicycle manufacturer based in Waldershof, Bavaria. The Cube brand can boast a wide range of first-class bicycles and e-bikes with a strong price-performance ratio.

Above all, the so-called hybrid models with the proven drive from Bosch eBike Systems are very popular. Of the classic Downtown-and Trekking bikes About Athletic Bikes, Cross-, Gravel-and Mountain bikes (MTB) to children’s bikes, Cube bikes are always worth a look.


cube bikes for sale online

One Bicycle of Cube convinces not only by its attractive Value for money, also the frames and the equipment are at Cube optimally tailored to the intended use.

In this way, Cube serves both the demands of professional athletes for athletic and efficient frame geometry as well as from newbies who want a cheap but good Search for a bike. The level of equipment at Cube can be recognized by the Name suffix that comes after the model name.

Ascending from The basic model is, for example, the designations: Pro, Race, ONE, EXC, TM, SL or SLT. The variants that are compatible with StVZO-compliant Lights, mudguards, luggage rack and kickstand equipped are called Allroad. In the case of the full-suspension stereo models the numbers 120, 140, 150 and 160 stand for the respective suspension travel. Discover the whole variety of Cube in our online shop now:

Cube Bikes: know-how from the smallest to the largest bike

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For professional athletes, it is important to ensure the favourable position of the joint angles on the one hand and optimal interaction of the muscle groups involved on the other. But a suitable frame geometry is also important for the touring rider. Here, the seat height, the top tube and stem length as well as the handlebar width and shape must be adjusted accordingly in order to achieve good ergonomics.

Cube develops all wheels in its in-house Innovation Centre in Waldershof. Among other things, special geometry wheels are used there, with which Cube is able to test the individual requirements in the wheel categories and in different sizes under real driving conditions in order to then optimize the wheels. It also takes into account how attachments and components influence the overall geometry of a bike.

Aluminium and carbon: Cube frames with state-of-the-art technology

High-quality aluminium frames ensure good stiffness and solid handling on sporty (e-)mountain bikes as well as classic (e-)city and touring bikes from Cube, while remaining light thanks to the hydroforming process. This is only topped by the carbon frames from Cube. Cube offers different types of carbon fibres here. These are called “HPC” (High Performance Carbon) C:62 and C:68 or C:68X. In ascending order, the carbon becomes even stiffer and lighter due to a modified structure. The top carbon frames, such as C:62 and C:68, are mainly used for lightweight bikes from the MTB and road bike sector, while HPC is used more for e-bikes, enduro and downhill bikes from Cube.

Buy Cube Bikes with high-quality components

Cube is installed in its Bicycles and E-bikes not only sophisticated frames, but also the best possible components. Brakes and shifting systems therefore largely come from well-known brands such as Shimano or SRAM. For its e-bikes, Cube was one of the first manufacturers to rely on Bosch eBike Systems. As is well known, e-bikes are one of the most important Bosch drive today it is one of the most proven and popular on the market. Of course, this also applies to Cube e-bikes.


The passion for cycling unites women and men worldwide. In order to be able to respond even better to the needs of women, Cube has launched its own product line just for women, the Women Series (WS). The WS models combine the optimal fit with high-quality functionality and the best possible comfort and are tailored to the requirements of women and smaller people. Not only has the colour scheme been adapted, but also the frame geometry has been geared towards ergonomics. In terms of function and equipment, the bikes for women do not differ from the men’s bikes. The WS series is mainly limited to sporty road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes. That Cube Access WS is a classic hardtail women’s mountain bike, for example, which is specially designed to meet the needs of women thanks to an adapted frame geometry.


Cube Touring Bikes for sale

Cube is at the start with its models in all common bike categories. Both in the E-bikes, such as the E-mountain bikes, E-trekking bikes or E-city bikes, as well as in the categories Trekking, Downtown, Racer, Mountain bike or Juvenile bicycle the popular manufacturer is at the forefront with a large selection.

But also when it comes to new trends – such as Gravel- or E-Cargo bikes – Cube is heavily involved. The bicycle experts regularly produce absolute top sellers. Here is an overview of the most popular model series:

Cube Hardtails: From Aim to Reaction to Elite

Cube E-bikes for sale

Cube Aim

The Cube AIM is a particularly versatile entry-level hardtail. The framework has been in place since 2022 already identical to those of the higher-quality MTB hardtails Analog, Attention and Acid. The geometry has been extensively revised and is with the flatter top tube much more modern. Exciting detail: At the Since 2022, models have been even easier to lower seatposts retrofit.

With its numerous all-road variants included Lights, stands, mudguards and luggage racks can be used to support the Cube Aim models are not only convincing off-road and become the ideal Companion for leisure and everyday life.

With the analogue, Cube relies on the same frame geometry as with the popular Aim. On the other hand, the bike already comes with a 12-speed gears. Thus, the hardtail is already well suited for sporty tours and more demanding trails.

Cube Attention

The Cube Attention is an upper mid-range hardtail. You can use this versatile bike for long tours as well as for short, crisp off-road training sessions. A real all-rounder. The Attention is available with either 2x or 1x drive. In our review, we compared the two models.

Cube Acid

The Cube Acid is very similar to the Attention SL, but is a bit lighter. With its 1x drivetrain, it is also ideal for trail passages and demanding terrain. The Reaction includes the Reaction TM trail hardtail as well as the Reaction Pro and the Race One.

The TM model feels more comfortable on trails, while the other two models are more suitable for jagged cross-country excursions.

If you’re looking for a full-suspension mountain bike for use on trails or want to get started in the enduro sector, you should take a look at the Cube stereo models. The full-suspension mountain bikes come with 120 to 160 millimetres of travel.

At Cube, almost all fullys go by the name Stereo. The only exceptions are the AMS XC fullys and the TWO15 downhill bike.

The naming of Cube’s e-mountain bikes is just as uncomplicated. That E-Hardtail is called Reaction Hybrid and the E-Fully Stereo Hybrid. The variety of models is by no means small.

The e-MTB portfolio ranges from affordable performance models to enduro e-mountain bikes with carbon frames and the new Bosch Smart System with 750 battery.

Discover Cube road bikes On Sale

Cube Gravel bikes for sale

Cube Attain

The Cube Attain makes it easy to get started with road cycling and serves a large target group with its lightweight aluminium frame. All models already rely on a disc brake. As the Attain GTC, the road bike is also available with a carbon frame. Beginners and advanced users alike will find what they are looking for here.

Cube Agree

The Cube Agree is a carbon road bike for use on demanding tours. With lightweight wheels and mechanical and electronic shifting groups from Shimano and SRAM, it fulfils the dreams of ambitious road cyclists.

With the Litening aero road bike and the Aerium triathlon bike, Cube also offers racing bikes. And with success: On the Litening, for example, Biniam Girmay won the Belgian pavement classic Gent-Wevelgem for the Intermarché-Wanty 2022 team

Fast off-road: Cube gravel and cyclocross bikes

Cube can also offer some bikes with road handlebars for off-road trips.

Cube Cross Race

The Cube Cross Race is a true cyclocross classic and ideal for fast off-road passages and races. From cyclocross beginners to cross-country racers, everyone gets their money’s worth.

Although the Cube Nuroad has only been part of the portfolio since 2018, it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular gravel bikes in specialist retailers. In the meantime, the Nuroad is available in some equipment variants and from the factory as an FE model with accessories suitable for everyday use.

Buy Cube trekking and cross bikes for everyday life and leisure

The Cube Nature is a versatile cross bike. The wide cross tires provide grip and comfortable handling. This makes it ideal to ride on asphalt as well as on forest and dirt roads and is suitable for longer tours and also for the city. In the all-road version, the high-quality equipment is expanded to include lighting and mudguards that comply with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

With the Cube Kathmandu and the Touring, Cube offers two Trekking bikes. The Touring is available in many versions and in three frame shapes and thus meets all requirements. The Kathmandu is just the right trekking bike if you don’t want to compromise. The high-quality equipment is prepared for anything you have in mind. From weekend excursions to world trips, everything is possible with Kathmandu.

The Cube Travel models are classic touring bikes and, thanks to the rigid fork and hub gears, require a little less maintenance. They can also be equipped with a load-bearing luggage rack at the front. The different variants meet the different needs of commuters to cyclists.

Buy Cube e-bikes online

With the Cube Hybrid series, the company conquers the e-bike world. Almost all classic Cube bicycles are also available as a variant with an electric motor. The name suffix Hybrid identifies the pedelecs equipped with a powerful drive from Bosch eBike Systems.