If you have a question about a product, our ordering process, delivery, our returns management or our payment methods, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our online shop. You can use the search function to quickly and easily search for keywords. If you cannot find an answer to your individual question here, please contact us via our contact form!

Return & Refund

Yes, you can return an item to us using the relevant return form. We will then arrange for the refund of the purchase price and the shipping costs. Then select your new item in the online shop and place a new order. Articles without original packaging and worn goods (labels missing, signs of use) are excluded from exchange. 

You will receive your refund within 14 days…

  1. after  receipt of your return in our warehouse , or
  2. after  receipt of your declaration of revocation . Please note that within these 14 days, either proof must be provided that you  have returned your order or the  returned goods must have already arrived at our warehouse .

It will take approximately 3-5 business days for the return item you have placed to be delivered to our warehouse by the carrier. As soon as we have received the return at our warehouse,  we will inform you by e-mail with the status of your return .

Once the refund has been authorized and approved by us, it needs to be processed by the bank. How long this takes depends on both the bank and the payment method. The refund will be processed using the same payment method that you originally used. Here is an overview of the standard duration for the different payment methods:

payment method

Refund Time Frame

Credit/Debit Card

maximum 3 working days


maximum 3 working days

Payment in advance

maximum 14 working days

purchase a. The invoice

maximum 14 working days

If you have received your order to an address outside of Germany, you must bear the shipping costs for the return yourself. If your order was shipped within Germany, the following information is relevant for you. 

How to return items:

  1. Print out the delivery note from your shipping confirmation email.
  2. Make a note on the delivery note which item you would like to return, state the reason for the return and enclose the item(s) and the completed delivery note in your package. In the case of defects, please note what is defective or where the defect is. Please make sure that  all items are packed well and securely ! 
  3. You have already received a return label with your shipping confirmation email. If you can no longer find the return label, you can   create it again using the DHL form . Print out the returns label and stick it on the package or take the QR code with you to the DHL office and have the label printed there. The return label is only available within Germany.
  4. Please note the tracking number of your return.
  5. Hand in your package at an appropriate DHL branch.

If the return has been processed by us, the open amount will be refunded to you. 

In principle, you can send your order back to us free of charge with DHL or for a fee with a shipping company of your choice.  Unfortunately, the return of bicycles is not possible with DHL, but must be commissioned via the forwarding agent. Please contact our customer service

Return conditions: You can find everything about returns in our  terms and conditions .

Returns within Germany are free of charge. 

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within Germany free of charge using our provided  shipping label  within the return guidelines.

Returns outside of Germany are chargeable . 

We will refund the shipping costs provided that the relevant conditions for this are met. The total shipping cost will be refunded if you return the entire order. However, we cannot refund shipping costs if you only return part of your order.

You can return items within 100 days of receipt of the goods free of charge and taking into account the  return conditions  in our terms and conditions. If your order was delivered in multiple packages, the 100-day return period applies from the receipt of the last package.

Upon receipt of your return, the goods will be checked for condition, properties and functionality. If we determine any diminished value as a result of your handling, you will bear the cost of the diminished value. 

The invoice amount has been charged to your VISA/MasterCard. If adjustments to your order result in a credit that needs to be refunded, we will refund this back to your VISA/MasterCard account after completing the order.

Shipping & Delivery

In principle yes. If your address was incorrect, the package will be returned to us in the warehouse. You will then be automatically refunded the purchase amount and your order will be cancelled. 

If you weren’t at home and your order is at a DHL branch, at a neighbor’s or at a Packstation, use the notification card that was left in your mailbox to pick up your package. Please do not forget to take your identity card with you in addition to the notification card.

Couldn’t find a notification card? In this case, please contact DHL directly! 

You will receive the tracking code for your order when you receive your shipping confirmation email. Inside you will find the code and a link to track your order with the shipping service provider. Depending on the products you have ordered, the delivery of the shipping confirmation will vary.

If you did not receive the shipping confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the email, please see ‘ Why is my order late? ‘ or contact us!

There are various reasons why we may not be able to ship your order. Here are the most common reasons:

  • An item you ordered is no longer in stock. Unfortunately, this can happen with products with a very high demand. 
  • Your delivery address was incomplete.
  • You have specified a Packstation as the delivery address and have not specified your postal number.
  • There was a problem with the payment while you were placing your order.

Be sure to contact us via  our contact form . We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

If you haven’t received your package within the standard delivery time, please follow the steps below!

  1. Check the delivery time for the product type of your order. If your order contains bulky goods (e.g. a complete wheel), delivery usually takes 5-6 working days. Normal packages usually take 2-3 business days.
  2. Check the delivery status of your order from the  My Orders page. 
  3. Check the shipping status of your order in the table below. It explains each stage your delivery may be in and what you can do at each stage.

shipping status


Your order has been received

Your order has just arrived in our system and will be processed as quickly as possible. Please have some patience. If your order has this status for several working days,  please contact us  . 

Your order has been paid & is ready for picking

A payment receipt has been received for your order and it is now ready for picking at the warehouse. Please be patient. 

Your order is being picked

Your order is currently being picked and packed by a colleague. It will probably be handed over to our shipping service provider today or tomorrow. 

Your order has been partially shipped

Your order has been partially dispatched, as requested. If you have any further questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us  . 

Your order has been sent 

Your order has been handed over to the shipping service provider. You can now use the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email to check where your order is currently. If the tracking shows “Delivered” and your package has not been delivered,  please contact us  ! 

Your order has been cancelled

Your order may have been canceled for various reasons. In any case, you will receive an email from us explaining why your order was cancelled.

Please contact us via  our contact form .

Something seems to have gone wrong. Please contact us via  our contact form .


We always aim to deliver your order within our standard delivery times, but sometimes unforeseeable factors can delay delivery.

Here are some reasons why your delivery may be delayed:

  • Your order was dispatched during our special sales/promotions.
  • You have ordered more than one product. In exceptional cases, your order may arrive in separate packages and at different times.
  • Your order includes products that must be ordered from the supplier. This extends the delivery time.
  • Your order includes bulky goods. As a result, delivery may take 2-3 working days longer.

Would you like to know the current shipping status of your order? Then check this under Orders in your customer account.

Order & Payment

Yes, it is possible to order without a customer account. Click on “Checkout” in the shopping cart and register as a new customer. In the form you will find a checkbox with which you can only register as a guest.

You will receive an order confirmation by email as soon as we have received your order. This message confirms that your order has been successfully placed in our online shop. 

You can check and edit the status of your order from the My Orders page in your customer account. Here is a list of all the statuses we report on the site and what they mean:

shipping status


Your order has been received and is being processed

Your order has entered our system and will be processed as quickly as possible.

Your order has been paid & is ready for picking

A payment receipt has been received for your order and it is now ready for picking at the warehouse. 

Your order is being picked

Your order is currently being picked and packed by a colleague. 

Your order has been partially shipped

Your order has been partially dispatched, as requested. 

Your order has been sent 

Your order has been handed over to the shipping service provider. 

Your order has been cancelled

Your order may have been canceled for various reasons. You will receive an email explaining why your order was cancelled.

Please contact us via our contact form .

Something seems to have gone wrong. Please contact us via our contact form .

No, but you can be notified by email when the product you want is available. If the item arrives in our warehouse, you will be informed immediately by e-mail and you can complete your order as usual.

How it works:

  1. Select the desired size on the product page on the right.
  2. If your desired size is not in stock, it will be highlighted in gray. Click on the envelope to the right of your size and enter your email address in the text field and click “confirm”. If you don’t find a letter symbol next to your desired size, it can no longer be reordered. 

It is likely that you were not logged in at the time of ordering and ordered as a guest. To clarify whether this is the case or whether we did not receive your order, simply contact us via our contact form.

Yes, if part of your order is suddenly not available due to a technical problem or high demand, you can write to us using our contact form and we will send you the available part of your order in advance. You only pay the shipping costs once.

Write us a message on WhatsApp or using our contact form and select “Cancellation” as a request in the form. Our colleagues in customer service will then cancel your order as quickly as possible.

If you paid in installments via AmazonPayment or PayPal, we cannot add an item to your order manually. For all other payment methods we can add items.

As long as the status of your order on the My Orders page is one of the following three statuses, we can change or add it at any time: “Your order has been received”, “Your order is being processed” or “Your order has been paid for & is ready for picking”.

To add items to your order, please send us a message on WhatsApp or via our contact form with the items you want us to add to your order, their item number and quantity.

If you want to remove items from your order, please send us a message using our contact form .

You can find a list of all our payment methods here

Purchase Advice

The frame number is located on the underside of the bottom bracket shell on most bikes. Please be sure to make a note of these. Unfortunately, we cannot save the frame number for logistical reasons.

For most models, the weight information is in the detailed text. However, not all manufacturers transmit the bike weight. We will then try to weigh it ourselves and publish this result. Please note that it has become the standard to weigh the smallest frame size without pedals. In addition, many manufacturers allow a weight tolerance of up to 5%.

You will receive the bike fully assembled upon delivery. This means that you only have to straighten the handlebars and attach the pedals yourself. Please note the specified torques. Important note : There is a left pedal and a right pedal. This is also marked on the pedal. Incorrect assembly destroys the thread and is not covered by the warranty! Please note the correct tightening torque here as well.

We have also put together a few installation tips for you.

The best way to determine the frame size or frame height is to measure your inner leg length or inseam length. The measurement is taken from the sole of the foot to the crotch. As a further help we have included a few tables with approximate guide values ​​below.

Children’s and youth bikes

age of the childHeight in cmwheel size
3+ years95 to 12012″ to 14″
4+ years105 to 12516″
5+ years110 to 13018″
6+ years120 to 14220″
8+ years130 to 16024″
10+ years140 to 17026″

Road bike / Gravel bike / Singlespeed: The inner leg length is multiplied by 0.665. The frame height of the triathlon bike is lower.

Height in cm

Frame height road bike / gravel bike / single speed in cmFrame height triathlon bike in cm
155 to 16548 to 5146 to 48
165 to 17051 to 5348 to 50
170 to 17553 to 5550 to 52
175 to 18055 to 5752 to 55
180 to 18557 to 6055 to 57
185 to 19060 to 6257 to 60
190 to 19562 to 6460 to 62
195 to 200from 64from 62

Trekking and city bikes : here the inner leg length is multiplied by 0.66. For a cross bike , multiply by 0.61. This results in the frame height in cm.

Height in cmFrame height for trekking and city bikes in cmCross bike frame height in cm

155 to 165

47 to 5041 to 43
165 to 17050 to 5243
170 to 17552 to 5543 to 48
175 to 18055 to 5848 to 53
180 to 18558 to 6153
185 to 19061 to 6353 to 61
190 to 20063 to 6661 to 63

Mountain bike hardtail and full suspension: The inside leg length is multiplied by 0.22.

Height in cmFrame height in inches
155 to 16535 to 38
165 to 17038 to 41
170 to 17541 to 43
175 to 18043 to 46
180 to 18546 to 48
185 to 19048 to 53
190 to 19553 to 56
195 to 20056 to 58

General note : If the value of the frame size is between two sizes, the following applies as a guide: – If you are a sporty rider, then the smaller frame – If you are a touring rider, then the larger frame. Please note that the tables only represent guideline values .

You can   send us a message at any time using our contact form or via WhatsApp. Our customer service will answer you as soon as possible within our working hours from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Would you like personal advice on your complete bike? Write us a message on WhatsApp or using our contact form and our service staff will get in touch with you and advise you.