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FOCUS Bikes was founded in 1993 by multiple cyclocross world champion Mike Kluge as a premium manufacturer of mountain bikes. Under the motto “Ride beyond”, the brand pursues only one goal: to generate driving experiences that exceed your imagination.

In concrete terms, this means combining geometry and drive system into a smart overall package in order to develop the best FOCUS mountain bike, FOCUS e-mountain bike and FOCUS road bike. Numerous test victories and top marks in trade magazines underline the Stuttgart-based company’s high standards of perfection and performance.

FOCUS E-Bikes: Up, down and up again

FOCUS e-bikes combine the unique riding characteristics of a non-motorized bicycle with the advantages of an electric drive. Modest goal is to develop the most agile e-all mountain, the lightest e-mountain bike and the most dynamic e-road bike.

The joy of biking is always in the foreground! To this end, FOCUS Bikes provides the perfect geometry with the right drive system for the intended use: While the FOCUS JAM² fully e-bike is absolutely focused on trail fun, the FOCUS THRON² convinces as a versatile touring fully. The FOCUS AVENTURA² e-mountain bike has added a portion of comfort, but is still ready for bikepacking trips off the beaten track.

Depending on the model series, e-bikes from FOCUS Bikes are equipped with drives from Fazua, Shimano or Bosch. Smart detail solutions such as the virtually invisible and integrated battery in the down tube underline the innovative character of the FOCUS e-bikes. The result: more trails, more mountains, more fun!

FOCUS e-mountain bikes at a glance

  • FOCUS THRON²: Trail & Touring Bikes
  • FOCUS JAM²: Trail & AM Fullys
  • FOCUS SAM²: Enduro mountain bikes
  • FOCUS JARIFA²: Touring Hardtails

FOCUS Trekking & City E-Bikes at a glance

  • FOCUS AVENTURA²: Trekking bikes
  • FOCUS PLANET²: City Bikes

FOCUS mountain bikes

Focus Mountain bikes for sale

At FOCUS Bikes, cycling should above all be fun to ride. To give you optimal control and traction off the beaten track, FOCUS has equipped all bikes in its Fully family with the F.O.L.D. (Focus Optimized Linkage Design) rear triangle system.

Thanks to the two phase kinematics, the suspension technology reacts ultra-sensitively to any unevenness and still has sufficient reserves in rough terrain. Best performance and unique trail adventures are inevitable. In addition, there are the smart details typical of the manufacturer, such as the cable inlet in the head tube.

The FOCUS JAM ensures exhilarating off-road driving. The versatile all-mountain bike conveys the highest level of agility and riding control even on the most demanding trails. Nothing stands in the way of unforgettably intensive Alpine excursions.

The models of the FOCUS JAM series are optionally equipped with an aluminium or carbon frame. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between 29″ or 27.5″ wheels.

If you are looking for a fast and competition-proven hardtail mountain bike from FOCUS for marathon and cross country, you will find your ultimate dream bike in the FOCUS RAVEN: Thanks to the high-end carbon technology, the RAVEN frame is particularly light.

The well-thought-out geometry also conveys a balance between stiffness and comfort. The ultimate bike for everyday needs is the FOCUS WHISTLER. It combines sportiness with suitability for everyday use, thanks to its dynamic driving characteristics and the available mounting options for luggage racks and mudguards.

FOCUS mountain bikes at a glance

  • FOCUS THRON: Trail & Touring Bikes
  • FOCUS JAM : Trail & AM Fullys
  • FOCUS SAM: Enduro mountain bikes
  • FOCUS WHISTLER : Hardtail Mountain Bikes

FOCUS Road Bikes & Gravel Bikes

Focus Road Bikes For Sale

Road bikes and gravel bikes from FOCUS provide the perfectly adapted bike for every area of use and type of rider. For frequent riders and touring riders who are looking for a reliable all-rounder for country roads or gravel roads, the FOCUS PARALANE sets new standards: The comfort-oriented endurance geometry ensures a more upright seating position, optimized road holding and more tire clearance.

The race road bikes of the FOCUS IZALCO series are completely designed to convert your power into maximum propulsion. With the FOCUS IZALCO MAX and its super lightweight MAX aero carbon frame construction, FOCUS Bikes makes a statement in terms of lightweight construction, stiffness and aerodynamics.

Focus Bikes for sale

If you don’t want to sacrifice speed off-road, then the models of the FOCUS MARES and FOCUS ATLAS series are just right for you. They have extremely robust but lightweight frames and are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes as standard. Extreme conditions such as mud and rain are no longer an obstacle for you.

FOCUS road bikes & gravel bikes at a glance

  • FOCUS PARALANE: Endurance Road Bikes
  • FOCUS IZALCO MAX: Aero-Race-Bikes
  • FOCUS ATLAS: Gravel bikes
  • FOCUS MARES: Cyclocross Bikes