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Gravel bikes for sale

Anyone who frequently travels to the Racer appreciates its unique speed on the road. This superiority on the asphalt is made possible by high-quality and lightweight materials. The narrow tires have a low rolling resistance and the downwardly curved handlebars always offer the possibility to find an optimal grip and seating position.

What works on the road is also a lot of fun off-road. If you enjoy riding on gravel roads or woodland pathways, you don’t have to go straight to a mountain bike store. Because, despite all of the benefits, the driving characteristics of an MTB are fundamentally different from those of a road bike.

The features and equipment of the gravel bike at a glance:

  • 28 or 27.5 inch wheels
  • Dual or single shifting
  • Disc brake
  • Profiled tires (35-50mm)
  • Many eyelets for luggage racks and mudguards on the frame and fork
  • Mostly aluminium or carbon frames, steel frames are also possible

For whom and what is the gravel bike suitable for?

  • For adventurous riders who ride off-road and on asphalt
  • Equipped with mudguards and luggage racks as a fast everyday bike
  • Multi-day tours with bags on luggage rack, frame or fork
  • Due to the more upright seating position, more comfort than a Cyclocrosser
  • Also suitable for cross-country and Cyclocross-Suitable for races

The Best Place to Buy Gravel Bikes Online

Best place to buy gravel bikes online

In order to improve the driving experience of the road bike even off the road, on forest and gravel paths, until recently there was only the Cycling category Cyclocross (CX) as an option. This category is from the Cyclocross (cyclo-cross race) of the same name, in which there was The aim is to create a circuit in the shortest possible time in the terrain with steep, short climbs.

In contrast, the gravel bike plays an important role in the Flexibility plays a greater role. The gravel category fills the gap between Racer and Cyclocross and ensures that you get a bike that is fun to ride both on and off-road.

Gravel bike, cyclocross or road bike? Which bike Is it right for me?

buy gravel bikes online

What is the difference between gravel and Cyclocross From the conventional Racer? The bikes offer the ideal combination of action and sporting challenge and, thanks to simple upgrade options with accessories such as mudguards, are suitable for everyday use. Use.

But what other criteria are there? All Differences and similarities as well as the answers to all important questions around gravel, Cyclocross and Racer can be found in our video.

Gravel bike, road bike and cyclocrosser – different Discover bikes at top prices online

A gravel bike is more than just a Racer with wide tires. It can be used very flexibly and offers even wider tires more comfort than a Cyclocrosser.

In the case of gravel bikes, depending on the manufacturer, and model up to 42 millimetres wide tires, which, however, have a have a flatter profile than in the CX Sport. Some of the gravel bikes roll not only with 28 inch wheels, but also in 27.5 (650B) over stock and Stone.

Due to a less coarse profile, they have a lower rolling resistance than the common CX tires. The range of application thus extends from the road to to gravel and forest paths. You get a bike that is considered a real All-rounder.

In addition to the tire width and tire size, also the geometry of the frame and the installed components between Gravel bike and Cyclocross bike. The riding position of a gravel bike is comfortable and designed for longer distances. The frame and fork have a variety of eyelets on which you can attach mudguards, luggage racks and bottle cages.

For example, you can use a gravel bike as a Inclement weather-Racer or as a commuter bike. Due to its flexibility, it is also attractive for cycle tours. This makes a gravel bike perfect for bike packing. This is about cycling in nature for several days.

The bags with tent and sleeping bag are attached to the frame and handlebars. The frame material used for gravel bikes, as well as for a Racer, set on carbon and aluminium. This means that you are stable and safe on gravel even on gravel.

When it comes to gear shifting, there are various options from the Racer-and Cyclocross area – with and without front derailleurs, among others. Popular are the 1-speed groupsets Apex, Rival and Force from SRAM. But also Shimano with the Ultegra RX, which is based on the well-known Ultegra groupset from Shimano was developed explicitly for this bicycle category, as well as with the new GRX Group Gears for gravel bikes on offer.

With the wide range of gear ratios of a gravel bike, you can you can conquer any incline and at the same time be fast on the road. This makes gravel bikes the ideal bikes for long tours over changing ground conditions.

This not only accelerates efficiently, but also can be delayed, come both in the case of Cyclocross bikes as well as in the case of Gravel bikes disc brakes are used.

Buy online now and take advantage of all the benefits of a Gravel bikes

Best place to buy gravel bikes

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a gravel bike great to distinguish from a CX wheel. On closer inspection, however, the focus of gravel bikes is more on comfort and flexibility. That Gravel bike, in contrast to the Cyclocrosser more suitable for long-distance travel, suitable is an excellent fast commuting bike and is an ideal partner for Bike tours or bikepacking adventures off the beaten track.

We have gravel bikes from renowned brands such as CannondaleCube, Focus, Giant or Trek, etc., on offer for you. Compatible a test ride in one of our stores or get your new bike conveniently delivered to your home.