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Bianchi is a well-known brand for both history and cutting-edge technology. Due to a lower pedal height and a smaller front wheel, Eduardo Bianchi’s first bicycle was secure and well-balanced.

The new company created the first women’s bicycle for Queen Margaret of Italy in 1895, and Eduardo, the company’s founder, simultaneously taught the monarch how to ride a bicycle.

If it wasn’t the foundation tale. Today, the name Bianchi Bikes is synonymous with high-quality bicycles that include Italian design and cutting-edge technology.

Innovative frame technologies thanks to professional riders

The heart of a Bianchi bike is the frame. Through constant investment in material technology, the Italians are steadfastly pursuing the goal of producing the world’s best bicycles, and in their opinion, the only way to achieve this is through an absolutely perfect frame concept. Who benefits from it? The customer, and of course also Reparto Corse, the manufacturer’s racing department.

With race-proven frames and sophisticated technologies, the Italians have always supported the professionals with innovative bikes as the market moved from steel to aluminum and then titanium and today has arrived at the most modern material: carbon. So the Bianchi bike has always remained competitive despite the many years.

Bianchi bikes for every terrain

Although Bianchi is mainly known in cycling for its lightning-fast racing bikes and time trial bikes, the Italian company’s range also covers urban bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, e-bikes, gravel bikes, and cross bikes.

Off-road bikes like the Ethanol and the Jab tackle the terrain and utilize the sensational quality of the aluminum and carbon frames that Bianchi is known for.

The Metropoli with its luggage rack and light suspension fork is ideal for trekking enthusiasts, and fitness freaks get the perfect training device with the Camaleonte. Simply search our large shop for the right bike for your next ride.

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Bianchi gravel ikes for sale

However, Bianchi bikes only reveal their fascination when they are used for racing. Whether it’s a racing bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or triathlon bike – if you want to have pure Italian passion on two wheels, you can’t ignore the traditional brand’s bikes.

The traditional brand made cycling history with the legendary racing bike model Oltre The Aquila time trial bike deserves special mention, as does the special Zurigo cyclocross bike, which always keeps the rider on track through mud and mud in this adrenaline-pumping sport.

The company is also successful in the mountain bike sector with the Bianchi i.idro Drain team and the models in the Methanol series,

Former Bianchi innovations 2019

Infinito CV

The Infinito CV, on the other hand, is more at home on long journeys and is therefore designed more for comfort. The seat stays have become longer and the aero-shaped head tube has become higher – the seating position is, therefore, more relaxed and relieves the strain on the neck.

In the future, not only Countervail technology but also wider tires will ensure less vibration. The Infinito offers space for 32mm and therefore the ability to add more grip, comfort, and control without extra rolling resistance.

Old XR4

The traditional manufacturer Bianchi is giving its classic racing bike Oltre disc brakes for the 2019 model year. As an aero racer, the Oltre The Oltre also received the new Metron 5D ACR aero handlebar, where all cables and cables run through the handlebars and stem.


The perfect choice for high-speed enthusiasts – this is how the traditional Italian brand announces its latest cross-country hardtail called Nitron. The 29er carbon frame is intended to be the spearhead of Bianchi’s cross-country and marathon bikes and takes the performance of the Methanol to a new level.

As usual from Bianchi, the Nitron impresses with a beautiful frame and optimized tube profiles that scream perfection from the head tube to the drop ends. At the front, there is a 100mm suspension fork with remote lockout, so that you are ready for the next climb or descent at the push of a button.

Methanol CV

In addition to the new Nitron, Bianchi has also expanded its established methanol platform with Countervail technology. The Methanol CV RS and Methanol CV S models have been redesigned and their geometry has been brought into shape.

The longer reach and the more relaxed steering angle are also popular with Bianchi and make the Methanol even more aggressive on the descent. The tire clearance has also been increased to 58mm to guarantee full freedom of movement even in extremely muddy conditions. The top RS frame weighs a respectable 940 grams.

Other current models from Bianchi


Bianchi brought the Aria onto the market in 2018, a real racing bike that could secretly become the bestseller of the Italians’ 2018 range. The aero racing bike is versatile, fast, and, above all, really cheap.

With an RRP of just €2,599, the ambitious rider gets a sporty, aggressive race bike with the Campagnolo Centaur group and all sorts of intelligent features that it borrows from the traditional manufacturer’s more expensive bikes.

Integrated seat clamp, aerodynamic rear wheel cutout in the seat tube, internal cable routing, and a wind tunnel-optimized frame make the Aria a top-class budget racer.

When it comes to intended use, the Aria is positioned between the Oltre and the Aquila CV, meaning it wants to be an aero racing bike and a triathlon bike at the same time.

E-bike racing bikes

Certainly a shock for many bicycle purists and nostalgics: Bianch has been involved in the e-bike segment since the 2018 model year, with two models. The Impulse e-Road for the road and the gravel e-bike Impulso e-Allroad bring the Italian cult manufacturer out of e-bike abstinence and are a real statement to the competition.

The new e-bikes should have a range of 200 kilometers. The Polini drive with 250 watts, which also comes from Italy and weighs a total of only 2.85 kilograms, is largely responsible for this. The battery was appropriately packaged in the down tube, allowing for a clean, racing bike-typical look.

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So if you are looking for a bike with a long history but still modern components, Bianchi is the right choice. Here tradition meets progress, passion meets technical perfection. It’s not for nothing that the brand’s racing bikes are among the most popular bikes in Europe.

This is also due to the variability and frame selection: The Italian manufacturer offers its bikes in up to eight different sizes so that everyone can find the right size for their needs. And that’s important because this is the only way to get maximum performance from the bikes and also showcase the high quality of the bikes.

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