The Cannondale road bike − Innovative and modern

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Cannondale road bikes have always been famous for their innovative aluminium frames, for which the brand even uses the confident product name Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design (the CAAD series).

Central to this is the SAVE technology, which greatly reduces vibration by means of a special tube in the frame. Today, however, modern road bikes in the high-price segment are also available from this manufacturer made of carbon.

Here, the Cannondale brand is moving with the times, while at the same time offering a slightly cheaper alternative with its high-quality road bikes with aluminium frames.

In addition, there are now many road bike models that can also be used well off the paved road. With these hybrids, known as gravel bikes, the manufacturer is also at the forefront of the market. There is a wide selection of both the Cannondale road bike for women and the

The different Cannondale road bikes

The Cannondale Caad13

The Cannondale Caad13 is the most modern representative of the CAAD road bikes that have been successful for 40 years and have played a key role in shaping the success of the brand.

According to the manufacturer, this model has the best and most advanced aluminium frame that Cannondale has built to date. It is comparatively light and supple – and can even compete with many carbon frames.

The Cannondale Synapse

The Cannondale Synapse focuses on the mix of road bike and comfort – so it’s an ideal endurance road bike. To do this, it features SAVE Micro-Suspension technology, which provides highly efficient suspension.

In addition, the endurance race geometry is designed for a good balance: between the racing posture and an upright, more comfortable posture.

Cannondale Topstone − versatile gravel bikes

The Cannondale Topstone is a fairly young yet quite successful model that has already earned a good reputation as a gravel bike. It’s a road bike at its core, but it also does well on gravel roads or an easy trail while offering a little more comfort.

The basic model comes in different forms: Cannondale Topstone 1, Cannondale Topstone 2 and Cannondale Topstone 3. These differ in details such as brake systems and drivetrain, but all have the same aluminum frame and the same full carbon fork.

For lovers of carbon frames, there is also the Cannondale Topstone Carbon. However, the latest version of the Topstone range – the Cannondale Topstone Sora – is equipped with the proven aluminum frame.

The Cannondale Supersix

The focus of the Cannondale Supersix is entirely on speed. On the one hand, this can be seen in the shape of the bike, which is optimized for a sporty posture with the saddle high above the handlebars and the typically downwardly curved road bike handlebars.

On the other hand, this is also evident from the fact that the frame is made of carbon and not of the aluminium popular with the brand.

The Cannondale Systemsix

This model has been on the market since 2018 and is also optimized for speed. During development, the main focus was on improving aerodynamics.

The result was the Cannondale Systemsix, the brand’s first aero road bike – and thus a successful road bike for professionals.