Cervélo Caledonia Ultegra 2023 - Black

Cervelo racing bikes are optimized for races down to the last detail. Shimano and SRAM groupsets are installed so that you can transfer your power perfectly. Both brands are known for precise and durable components, which are constantly being further developed through years of experience.

With the exception of the R5 Red eTap model, the other racing bikes rely on mechanical gears. The R5 eTap uses the first electric circuit from SRAM. You can adjust her grips to suit you, so wireless shifting with her is fast and precise.

Cervelo relies on consistency in the components. That’s why the brakes on the racing bikes are from the two well-known manufacturers and, as you’re used to from them, do their job exactly to the point.


Continuous work on their design and performance is key for these road bikes. Carbon is almost mandatory for a Cervelo racing bike. That’s why the frames are made entirely of the now almost notorious carbon fiber composite. The unmistakable design of the frame resulted from the technical development.

Cervelo tests the racing bikes in the wind tunnel in order to design the frame geometry with a perfect balance of air resistance, rigidity, and maximum comfort.

Thanks to carbon, the super light racing bikes often weigh less than 10 kilograms. The low weight improves performance on the road, so you can get maximum speed out of the bike. They created racing bikes that are unparalleled in terms of their harmonious composition.

The handlebars of the road bike pros are perfectly matched to the frame geometry and seating position. Some of them are even made by Cervelo itself and therefore fit well into the overall concept. 

Like all built-in components, the 28-inch tires on the racing bikes are aimed at speed. The tires can be accelerated without much effort and, thanks to the snappy brakes from Shimano and SRAM, they can be brought to a standstill again easily.