CUBE Bikes 2024 – the time of waiting is over!

Cube Agree C62 Race 2024 Orange 1

CUBE 2024 – the time of waiting is over! The bike experts from Waldershof have once again brought endless innovations from the drawing board to the bikes for the 2024 model year. It’s not just the new, chic colors that make the CUBE 2024 bikes from the heart of Bavaria real eye-catchers.

The creative engineering team has worked hard in the research and development department to further improve the already excellent performance of the 2024 models.

Whether it’s a robust fully, agile hardtail, lightning-fast road bike or a chilled city bike – CUBE is setting new standards in this 2024 model year. In the e-bike sector, the CUBE 2024 is focusing on expanding the Bosch smart system in order to extract even more performance from the 2024 models.

And not just for the MTBs, but across the entire CUBE 2024 e-bike range.

Do you prefer cycling without a motor? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! CUBE 2024 also boasts numerous innovations in the organic bike sector. The new, improved geometry of Cube mountain bikes lets you cut through trails like a hot knife through butter in 2024.

With Cube gravel bikes, the line between on-road and off-road will be blurred in 2024. Cube touring and city bikes are more comfortable than ever before in the 2024 model year. Become part of the adventure with your CUBE 2024 bike!

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CUBE Stereo Hybrid 2024

The CUBE 2024 Stereo Hybrid Fullys will be available in three distinct variants this year, ensuring that every mountain bike lover may find the ideal bike. In 2024, the Stereo Hybrid models’ suspension travel will decide their application area.

The CUBE 2024 Stereo Hybrid 120, with 120 mm of rear and front suspension travel, is clearly focused on comfort, making it ideal for lengthy journeys. As usual, the 2024 models have an Allroad option. The all-around carefree package includes stands, mudguards, luggage racks, and StVO-compliant lights, as well as ample comfort and storage space, to provide optimal driving safety.

The CUBE 2024 Stereo Hybrid 140, with 140 mm travel, embodies the 2024 model year’s motto of a bike for all mountains. The ideal E-Fully for anyone looking to cover the widest range of applications. The numerous improvements make the 2024 models much more adaptable than their predecessors, allowing the Stereo Hybrid 140 to find the ideal combination of comfort and aggressive downhill performance.

The CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 is ideal for those who desire a more sturdy and aggressive bike. The E-Enduro also underwent a facelift for the 2024 model year. In 2024, the HPC frame will have even better downhill performance because to revised frame geometry and kinematics.

With agile 27.5” tyres and sharp components from the enduro sector, the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 cuts through every trail. 

CUBE Reaction Hybrid 2024

If the CUBE 2024 Reaction Hybrid were an animal, it would most likely be a chameleon. The Reaction Hybrid is CUBE’s most versatile MTB. The 2024 model year emphasizes versatility and individualization while maintaining the hardtail mountain bike style.

Three alternative frame types let you to customize the CUBE 2024 Reaction Hybrid to your specifications, and the 2024 models are still available in the fully equipped Allroad form. Whether in regular life or on the trail, the Reaction Hybrid will have you in complete control by 2024.

CUBE Kathmandu Hybrid 2024

The CUBE 2024 Kathmandu Hybrid is intended for all explorers. The trekking bike sets new norms for the 2024 model year. All 2024 models have three frame options: Easy Entry, Trapeze, and Sportive.

You have complete freedom of choice here. Of course, all CUBE Kathmandu models will be fully outfitted for the 2024 model year. Standard features include StVO-compliant lighting, mudguards, luggage racks, stands, and bells.

With numerous additional mounting points and accessories, the CUBE 2024 Kathmandu Hybrid can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. In addition to their high degree of comfort and performance, CUBE 2024’s Kathmandu Hybrid models are exceptionally sturdy, making them suitable for long excursions.

CUBE Attain 2024

The CUBE 2024 models in the Attain series continue to be distinguished by their exceptional comfort and long-distance suitability. Everything is included, from the durable aluminum frame to the lightweight GTC frame.

Shimano’s electronic Di2 shifting will be available in the CUBE 2024 Attain series beginning with the 2024 model year. Fewer cables, greater ease, and optimal efficiency.

CUBE Agree 2024

Cube Agree C62 SLX 2024

The CUBE Agree 2024 series stands for Aero-Endurance, which means high endurance with low wind resistance. All CUBE Agree 2024 models now include wireless gear in addition to their full carbon frame, allowing you to sit in the saddle for longer periods of time.

Whether you have a separate handlebar and stem or a carbon handlebar-stem combo, there are no visible cables. The frame’s optional storage box serves two purposes.

This not only provides more storage room for tools and food, but it also improves airflow. The CUBE Agree 2024 makes hours feel like minutes. Here you can find all CUBE Agree models

CUBE Litening 2024

The Litening series’ CUBE 2024 models will remain focused on uncompromising competition use in the 2024 model year. They were able to improve the efficiency of their 2024 UCI event by working closely with CUBE’s professional racing teams.

CUBE Litening 2024 represents maximum performance. To fulfill this commitment, we have divided the CUBE Litening 2024 models tested in international competition into two categories. The CUBE Litening Aero 2024 boasts maximum aerodynamics and is hence ideal for lengthy endurance races.

The CUBE Litening Air 2024 is constructed of lightweight materials. The Litening Air series’ CUBE 2024 models are race-ready and weigh the UCI-required minimum of 6.8 kg. The ideal racing bike for fast sprints and difficult ascents. With the CUBE Litening 2024 models you lead the peloton.

CUBE Nuroad 2024


On the gravel – ready to go! Gravel bicycles are here to stay. The CUBE 2024 Nuroad models also shine in the 2024 model year, with a variety of equipment options without sacrificing quality. By 2024, the entry-level bikes will already have a full carbon fork, letting everyone to get into gravel biking.

The 2024 Nuroad models, thanks to their modifications, ensure a seamless boundary between road and trail. The lightweight and strong frames enable optimal power transfer, while the robust components can resist even difficult terrain. The 2024 model year promises plenty of experiences for you and your CUBE Nuroad. Here you can find all CUBE Nuroad models

CUBE Stereo ONE22 2024

Cube’s powerful trail bikes from the CUBE 2024 Stereo ONE22 series are suited for multi-day transalpine tours or short after-work rides. The CUBE Trail Control kinematics, which include 130 mm of front travel and 120 mm of rear travel, assure optimal efficiency. The CUBE 2024 models are a dependable companion due to their excellent balance of lightweight and high performance.